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Hypnotherapy and Stress Management Training Hammersmith

Welcome to the Weller Associates Hammersmith hypnotherapy, training page. Weller Associates offers offers quality Hypnotherapy Training and Stress Management Training if you live in the Hammersmith area.

For more information about hypnotherapy, stress management and soft skills training click here to go to the Weller Associates Hypnotherapy Training main web site.

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Sam Weller formed Wellerassociates in 2004. Bringing more than 20 years of hypnotherapy practice and training to the table. Weller Associates offer a unique blend of training that delivers the confidence, understanding and level of practice that produces hypnotherapists who can offer full time hypnotherapy and successfully develop their own private practice.

The General Hypnotherapy Register is the UK's largest accrediting body for recognised and accredited diploma courses and has accredited this course.

Sam Weller developed the Weller Associates course to redress the issues he found during his time delivering hypnotherapy and NLP courses on behalf of other training providers to hundreds of students. (Testimonials)

Thus the wealth of expertise and experience of practise management and hypnotherapy training is now available in a format that filters out the "infill" and filters in everything that is needed to successfully run a hypnotherapy practise including ongoing support and supervision.

Some comments:

"I trained under Sam Weller for my Hypnotherapy Diploma, Sam is an outstanding trainer and great communicator. He uses his wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure his students not only understand and master their subject, but, crucially, also become fully competent and confident as practitioners. Sam is an excellent presenter and maintains a lively and fun learning atmosphere. He is very very friendly and approachable and his help and advice outside the lecture room has always been invaluable. I can’t recommend him highly enough."

Nick Pease

Weller Associates students are one step ahead of the pack in being able to identify and comfortably deal with the real issues of why fee-paying clients use hypnotherapy.

Sam is in full time clinical practice and is based in Chipping Norton and Oxford.

Weller Associates training are currently running the GHR diploma courses in Swindon and Milton Keynes - Each course will have 2 trainers. If you enrol you will be trained in those locations and not moved onto somewhere else. More locations are planned for 2010 including Oxford and Reading.

Click here to find out more about Weller Associates Training and our Hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP and stress management training courses.

Hammersmith Hypnotherapy, and Hammersmith stress management training, Hammersmith hypnosis - Weller Associates for your training needs if you live in the Hammersmith area.